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Sugar Rush



We just love snowcones!

For years, we stopped and ate "snowcones", "snoballs", and "shaved ice", from any place we saw along the road. Both our childhood memories involve summers with snowcones, family and friends. We knew what it took to make the perfect one-texture, flavor, and the perfect ingredients, but we rarely found that combination of goodness. The texture had to be the fluffiest snow. The flavors had to be made fresh and from the best manufacturers. The ingredients must be as close to what nature intended-even if for a sweet indulgence. High fructose corn syrup gave our little one a tummy ache and it just wasn't what we wanted to consume nor what we wanted to serve you and your little ones-and that's what many in the shaved ice business use! We decided "IF" we ever made our own "snoballs", they would only have 100% Pure Cane Sugar. That "IF" became a reality for us. We have the perfect "snoball", "snowcone", "shaved ice" or whatever else you want to call it. Texture, flavor and ingredients. We have 80+ basic flavors for your delicate palate. We have an additional 200+ recipes we can mix for you on the spot. We offer coconut, cherry, grape, cheesecake, silver fox, creole cream cheese, pina colada, ice cream, wedding cake and several other flavors in dye free. We have premium sugar free flavors that taste as close as you can get to real sugar. We invite you to stop by and enjoy a sweet treat and we know you will leave with a smile on your face.



It's what's on the inside that counts

Yes, Betsy is a tiny gal, but she allows us the perfect place to create all the deliciousness that we make for you and your family. We create our hand crafted snoballs, but also mix smoothies, scoop ice cream sundaes, and pour Root Beer and Coke Floats. With large picnic tables to rest and unbrellas for shade, this is the perfect place to take a break, step back into a more relaxed day and age and enjoy a few precious moments with your family and friends. Located near Alliance, the town of Haslet and just North of Fort Worth in Tarrant County, we serve all of DFW. We are happy for the chance to serve you and your loved ones. Thank you for your support.

-Mahaley and Craig


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